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noselessTrenton Times, April 25, 1903. “Varied emotions”? Exactly how broad was the range of responses here?

Nostalgia: “Ah, that takes me back to my own noseless child-stalking days. Good times.”
Arousal: “A noseless, short-haired, child-hunting dwarf chick? I wonder if she’s seeing anyone.”
Complacency: “Why should I care? My kids are grown and I’ve got a nose.”
Indignation: “These modern women and their ridiculous hairstyles!”
Idle curiosity: “I wonder if she’s a good jumper?”



  1. “Stubby, short-haired, and noseless.” I might want that on my tombstone.

  2. OR “I wonder if she is of high intelligence.”

  3. OR: “What is the relationship of her intelligence to her jumping ability?”

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