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lingerieTucson Citizen, January 5, 1907. Interesting bit of reportage here. First you’ve got that skeptical “at least to the satisfaction of the police,” then a similarly qualified reference (“police say”) to a confession obtained “under the third degree,” meaning they beat the snot out of the guy. Which leads us to the point that the whole arson scenario makes zero sense. He sets fires and then runs into the burning buildings to steal “fluffy things”? There are easier ways than that to get your hands on some cashmere.


  1. I was leaning toward “creepy guy with a collection of other people’s underwear” until I saw the comment from his wife. I still don’t quite see how that ties in with the arson though. Maybe he stole the items and then set the fires to cover his tracks? Maybe admitting to arson was less embarrassing that admitting to stealing women’s clothes?

    Also, interesting that one of the items was a pink wedding dress. Nowadays, we consider white/ivory the traditional color for a wedding dress, but at one time brides just wore whichever was their best dress, regardless of color.

  2. I think the cops got a tranny on their hands and decided to close the books on some unsolved arsons, is all.

  3. Technically , this qualifies as a transvesty of justice.

    • Actually the original meaning of “travesty” has to do with dressing up in drag, so I was already kinda working that angle.

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