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statue nyht 9 11 1904New York Herald Tribune, September 11, 1904. The shrewd thing to do today would be to spraypaint this guy silver, put a hat at his feet, and drop by three times a day to collect your earnings. statue nyht 9 11 1904 2

Epileptics used to be sequestered in so-called colonies. Most of them were state-run snakepits, though the Sonyea facility was reportedly one of the nicer ones, and some were pleasant enough to attract goldbricking freeloaders who weren’t actually epileptics. More on that latter.


  1. Peculiar, indeed.

  2. “Mr. Miner called the attention of a policeman to the man, but the officer said he had no right to interfere with him.”

    Wow, these days, the police probably would have tasered him for failing to obey a lawful order/being unresponsive.

    • It’s electroshock therapy for the uninsured.

  3. Was Dr. Icard in the vicinity?

    • Worth looking into. The guy could have legs, as sort of a French Dr. Mabuse.

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