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wapo april 9 1907Washington Post, April 9, 1907. Okay, it seems like I was maybe jumping to conclusions about the sinister vampiric agenda of Dr. Icard. Detection of suspended animation and prevention of premature burial seem to have been sincere and lifelong obsessions chez lui. One wonders why, if this test worked so perfectly, he had to go and develop his second method.wapo april 9 1907 2wapo april 9 1907 3

Ooh, nice little Gallic flourish at the end! Somebody at the WaPo seizes the chance to flaunt his education.


  1. This sounds suspiciously like a CO2 detector , a device usually employed when medical types insert breathing tubes into patients.A litmus-like paper changes colour according to the conentration of CO2 passing through it , helping staff to determine whether the tube is inserted properly – in the airway – or in the esophagus.Perhaps the situation in 1907 could have been lightened up by the use of special hidden designs or inscriptions. Fluffy bunnies and so forth.

    • I was thinking, like, mystic runes?

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