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Chicago Tribune, December 2, 1903. The pleasure I take in these cartoons is generally inverse to the number of references I understand. So this one is pretty awesome.
The Encyclopedia Chicago tells us this about the Irving Park Woman’s Club:
“Rich or middle-class, the population of Irving Park was generally native-born, Protestant, and white-collar. They participated in community events and activities of a literary and musical nature. Both men and women were active in neighborhood organizations. The Irving Park Woman’s Club formed in 1888 with an agenda of cultural and reform activities.” So, basically we’re talking about a legion of Margaret Dumonts. But WTF is “the kangaroo walk”? Are “side talks with girls”? And why does the no-breakfast dude look just like William S. Burroughs?


  1. “Side Talks with Girls” by Ruth Mallon was a popular advice column and subsequent book published in Lady’s Home Journal for the 18-25 year old “girl” reader. The kangaroo walk, I’m guessing, is related to the fashionable “s-curve” corset, which created a swooping s-shaped silhouette (in profile.

    As for William S., I think drug-related time travel is the most likely explanation.

    • Gotta be the yage. That’ll limit your urge for breakfast,

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