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what is mince meatWashington Post, May 19, 1911. Food and drug regulation was in its infancy in 1911, but Washington technocrats wisely made a priority of securing the nation’s mince supply. Somewhere in the national archives there exist, I hope, comprehensive records of these important and dramatic hearings. But an online search of the Johns Hopkins and University of Pennsylvania library catalogs reveals no trace of Prof. Childs’s monograph on the history of mince. Doubtless it’s been suppressed by some Dan Brown-esque conspiracy of apple-pie pushers. We do, however, have independent evidence of its existence and influence. what is mince meat2

So, this could be a crucial turning point here in the disappearance of meat from mince. Anyway, I wish newspapers were still this smart-alecky. Back in the day, you didn’t have to decide between the New York Times and The Onion.

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