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trib 3 2 21 wbChicago Tribune, May 3, 1921. I want to believe that a random poll of five people on an ordinary Chicago street could still yield a magician, two dancers, a model and a secretary, I truly do. Anyway, the consensus is pretty strong across the vocational spectrum: wife-beaters merit the lash. Or the ducking stool at minimum.


  1. Dancers and a model whose address is a hotel? What was this reporter doing strolling around the red light district?

    (FYI, I believe “model” is still used as a euphemism for “prostitute” in British English.)

    • Dancer and model are both good alibis for demimondaines, but long residency in hotels was not at all uncommon at the time. I refuse to leap to conclusions about these gals. Don’t want any reprisals from their great grandchildren or anything. But hookers would likely have an inside track on the flogging of dudes.

  2. @Jackie

    Could it not be a model that was traveling for business or vacation? Not that I think your explanation is unlikely in the least.

  3. Is it true that the previous day’s question was answered by two bartenders, a busboy, a beer distributor, and a greyhound handicapper [hic]?

    • Yeah: “The Inquiring Reporter” was the most coveted byline in the Midwest.

  4. The person-in-the-street survey with head shot is my all-time favourite newspaper feature.No matter how articulate or sophisticated the response , the subject always seems to come across as a slack-jawed yokel.Perhaps it’s the passage of years , but these magicians and dancers seem not to have suffered that fate.

    • Speaking of slack-jawed, I love that leer on Florence Carter, dancer.

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