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wmbNew York Times, February 15, 1899. Here’s some evergreen political doggerel for all you protest cats. wmb2


  1. Presumably, this guy.

  2. Gotta be. Excellent collar.

  3. Why don’t people write their rants in verse any more? Life would be so much more interesting if newspaper still printed stuff like this.

  4. I blame the rise of blank verse. Nobody can scan for shit anymore.

  5. There’s always The Digital Cuttlefish. Excellent versifier, always scans, but your pleasure in his verses may depend on the degree to which you share his views on religion. (He’s one of those “New Atheists” you’ve heard about on TV.)

    (He’s on vacation now and in a pleasant mood. You may need to scroll down for bitter vitriol.)

    • There was something wrong with the Old Atheism? Robert Ingersoll pretty much said it all, I thought.
      Thanks, HP, I will check out that Cuttlefish.

        • HP
        • Posted August 1, 2009 at 2:00 am
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        Ingersoll rocks! He’s totes awesome, as the youth of today would have it.

        (Dear God, I’m knee deep in pomo hipster irony, and never know whether my scare quotes are scary enough.)

  6. Ingersoll is indeed the dog’s bollocks.

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