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ate babyWashington Post, August 2, 1904. If you were omniscient and omnipotent, how many times would this happen on your watch? Zero, that’s how many, unless you’re the BTK Killer. So either God isn’t omniscient/omnipotent (in which case he isn’t God) or he’s the BTK Killer. Q.E.D.


  1. Your post is BS. God lives inside a person and acts thru people. God exists ifyou let him. Thus God exists. QED

    • I don’t think you’re engaging with the question. I ask again: If you were omnipotent and omniscient, how many times would you let this happen?

      Of course, if He’s the cosmic equivalent of the BTK Killer, he could very well have been acting through our inebriated cannibal. I was being optimistic in arguing for his nonexistence.

  2. Does truth exists if a person denies it and lies?
    Does love exists even if you reject it?
    You are trying to extend God into the physical world – that is just as impossible as trying to find truth or love in the physical world.
    Your question is irrelevant. God does not operate in the physical world.

  3. He does not operate in the physical world? So that would pretty much be the opposite of “omnipotent” then. Problem of evil solved.

  4. Sadly, this doesn’t even qualify for the “stuff people actually used to do” tag, since a similar incident just happened:

    • Yiiikes! I think this woman has a good shot at an insanity defense.

  5. Unfortunately, it happened in Texas, so there’s a good chance she’ll be convicted and possibly given a death sentence. The baby’s (estranged) father has apparently stated that that’s what he wants.

    • Yeah, I can hear it already: “The Bible sez ‘An eye for’n eye, a tooth for a tooth” yadda yadda.

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