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grewsome 1Chicago Tribune, December 16, 1892. A dozen students said this in chorus? Jeez, they sure aren’t possessed of many devils or anything, no sir.
This fun-with-dead-bodies-in-med school story was a real perennial, as we shall see. I believe this sort of thing still goes on today, even if med schools no longer rely on grave robbers to obtain subjects for gross anatomy classes. grewsome“Yes, the cadavers are worthless–no longer fit to eat and too stiff to have sex with, so we just let the Initiates have their little fun with them. . . ”
“Cutting up didos” is a pleasingly high-falutin’ way of talking, if you look into its etymology. I want to see this phrase back in circulation stat.


  1. Ironically, donating one’s body to science might just be the best way to ensure it’s properly disposed of these days with all the funeral home/cemetery scandals lately.

  2. At very least, you’re breaking even.

  3. This chetly language , eg. “put up a little job” , coupled with the lame antics , really darks me out.

    • I like the way the blame is shifted onto the hick element though.

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  1. […] Mr. George R. Seamans. I’m not 100% how it improves upon cremation as a means of dodging the dissection table and its attendant indignities, but it surely serves as a hedge against premature burial. […]

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