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no shitno shit 2Chicago Daily, October 3, 1874. Well, here’s a road not taken in energy and environmental policy. I wonder if this somehow turned out to be a technological chimera, like cold fusion in a bucket. Maybe the odorlessness angle didn’t quite pan out? Petri here is almost certainly bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri, after whom the famous dish is named–not exactly a lightweight. But whatever happened to the word “excrementitious”?



  1. No kidding. You have to be pretty polite to use the word “excrement” , but who among us is dainty enough to take it to the next level , “excrementitious material”? It’s materially excrementitious!

    • Gotta be uses for it in rap, though. You could rhyme it with “adventitious,” “Aloysius,” uh. . . “I sent fishes,” . . . um
      . . . “five Lent dishes” . . .

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