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bat1bat2San Francisco Chronicle, August 22, 1890. Here’s something we’ve not seen before: “vampire” used to refer to, well, a vampire.
A skeptic might have trouble accepting this tale at face value. The objection might be raised that a tiny li’l ol’ bat couldn’t possibly imbibe a sufficient volume of blood to kill an adult human. But this conservation-of-matter problem goes away if we posit that the vampire drained her dry while still in humanoid form, then turned into a bat and got stuck in her hair. Question then is: why didn’t he or she shift shapes again to get unstuck? Well, how the hell should I know? Do I have to do all of the ratiocination around here?


  1. Interestingly enough , I was daydreaming while reading this story about precisely how “soothing” it would be to be gently fanned by the wings of a flying rodent attached to your face.And whether soothing or not, if said fanning is taking place then obviously the vampire is still in bat form. Ergo , must be bullshit.

    • Besides, your Mexican vampire is primarily a goat-sucker as I understand it. Senor Gonzales murdered his wife, Q.E.D.

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