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corpseABaltimore Afro-American, April 2, 1910. Horrifying story about every mother’s worst nightmare. It was a different world in which 16-year-old girls went alone to unvetted job interviews like this. I’ll try to do some followup on Mr. Wolter and find out what the legal disposition of his case was. Offhand I’d guess he’s headed to the chair.
corpse1Acorpse2A I’m trying to figure out when newspapers stopped passing moral judgment so explicitly on female victims of violent crime. It’s objectively vile on one level, but I can’t deny finding it additionally tragic that this unprotected child was working so hard to bootstrap herself upward in life. Had she been allowed to live out her allotted 79 years, Ruth Wheeler would have died in 1973.


  1. Wolter at the time was apparently the youngest murderer to be given the death penalty in NY:

  2. Thank you very much for that post-worthy item, Dana.

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