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lureAChicago Tribune, January 18, 1921. Well, this scenario isn’t exactly as described in Mr. Kipling’s famous poem “The Vampire,” but the basic message is the same: Men are boobs, see?lure2AAThink of that: the poor kid went out with a carnival company and still the men bothered her!lure3ASome of this dialog strikes me as a tad stilted and silent-movie-title-card-ish. But then maybe these two love birds were huge movie buffs. Lovely, hope-filled ending, anyway.


    • Mary, Queen of Scots
    • Posted June 30, 2009 at 2:54 pm
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    “sent to the bridewell” sent me to the dictionary. Sounds like some more time was spent in the bridewell.

  1. For the benefit of our less motivated readers:
    “Bridewell , area in London, England, between Fleet St. and the Thames River. The Bridewell house of correction, demolished in 1863, was on the site of a palace built under Henry VIII and given by Edward VI to the City of London in 1553 for use as a training school for homeless apprentices. The building later became a prison. Bridewell thus came to be used as a general term for a prison or house of correction.”

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