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LegsAChicago Tribune, September 4, 1933. It occurs to me that we’ve been a bit light on actual mayhem lately, so we’re running a special on post-marital dismemberments. “Roughly hacked” seems like a telling detail: “We’re looking for an amateur here, boys, someone with no finesse. Exclude all packing plant workers from your criminal canvass.” legs2A “The identity of the limbs”? Yeesh, someone needs to wave a meat ax at the copy editor. “One of the victims has provisionally been identified as a Mrs. Ulna McElbowson, missing since last July.”
legs3A A Century of Progress with a great big 1933 Chicago World’s Fair-type of exposition, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of the city and designed to bring the good times back. They actually held it over for a second year to try to break even on it, but no soap.

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