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RawlinsAThe New York Amsterdam News, April 11, 1923. Here’s more anti-jazz moral panic from E. E. “Uneasy” Rawlins, M.D. Seems the good doctor had no Hippocratic scruples about recycling his prose from one year to the next. Tsk tsk! But this piece is actually a bit more shrill then its 1925 sequel. Basically he’s calling for God’s wrath (aka “History”) to punish a wicked jazz-besotted nation and bring it back to moral bedrock. By 1925 he’s saying “Safe–when used in moderation.”
Rawlins2AOoh-la-la! Doctor, may I remind you you’re writing in a family paper!
Raw3ARaw4AOkay, give the doctor a couple of Nostradmus points for that “financial catastrophe” call, then take one back because jazz survived the Crash of ’29 just fine, thank you.


  1. I’m not terribly familiar with microfilm, so please excuse this if it’s a stupid question: what’s with the string of technicolor posts lately?

    • Microfilm’s just gray, so I tint them for a bit of color and contrast. I was getting bored with Financial Times salmon-pink. Am I overdoing it? We welcome your aesthetic feedback.

      P.S. I guess I can see for myself, this is a bit much. I’ll calm down with the colors. Thanks.

  2. Why not just stick with yellow? Hnrk.

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