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pastorcokepastor2pastor3Chicago Tribune, May 10. 1897. Now if this guy had been a heroin addict instead, I would have gone with Luke 13:26: “By their works ye shall know them.”


[Ahem.] Please excuse me: I do so enjoy playing hackey-sack with Scripture.

Aaaanyway: Maybe you think that clerical scandals are a specifically modern symptom of corruption? Fuggedaboudit. Back in the 19th and early 20th century, there was huge status and power to be acquired in the ministerial rackets; that entailed a correspondingly higher rate of pastoral naughtiness. This here high-society rhubarb is actually kind of tame by the standards of the day, in that the unfortunate Rev. Wisner is not accused off boffing any parishioners. But more narco-Presbyterian tragedy after the jump.pastor4AA

A Yale man no less! Oh, the humanity!

“Cocaine: Leaves you breathless!”


Oh yeah: “Just gimme a little taste and I’ll be right as rain.”

Here is where I lose sympathy: Mr. God-and-Man-at-Yale Coke Fiend can’t buy a pack of smokes without shifting the blame to “an old colored man”? Puh-leeze get me a witness.


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