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Dec 15 1889AChicago Tribune, December 15, 1889. It’s Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times as remade by Herschel Gordon Lewis.


    • Mary, Queen of Scots
    • Posted June 15, 2009 at 1:18 pm
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    Bad news at this level of detail just doesn’t happen any more (not complaining!). When did the conventions of accident reporting become more decorously vague?

    Also, diptheria in the playdough seems an obvious candidate for urban legend status like razor blades in halloween apples. Did the notion take hold in playgrounds and preschools?

    • I think we’d have to know more about what modeling clay was made of circa 1889. Playdough was always a temptation to pica sufferers, but I don’t recall anyone needing to hork into it to make it “more plastic.” Noam sayin?

  1. sweet site, I hadn’t noticed before in my searches

    • Welcome!

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