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Canadian vampiresAChicago Tribune, August 20, 1921. Technically the Trib was a broadsheet paper, as opposed to a tabloid, but content-wise it tended to blur the barrier between the two schools of journalism. A dude stepping out on his wife scarcely fit the New York Times‘s definition of “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” But how about that Miss Gertrude Ingleby, putting out all over Chinatown?! Scandalous!


  1. Sounds pretty classy to me. The opening paragraph is packed with metaphors that most readers of today’s pape couldn’t even handle. “Matrimonial bark”? Gotta love it.

    • Too right, Quince! Did not E.D. Hirsch warn us long ago that we needed more random classical douchebaggery in our mediated gossip-streams?
      My regards to Monahan.

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