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roundupChicago Tribune, January 2, 1877. We’ve hit a vein of serious homicidal pay dirt here: a whole year’s worth of violent deaths tidily anthologized in one article. I’ll be doling out the best ones over the next few days. But don’t you just love the multi-layered headlines in these old newspapers? A headline followed for four subheads, crazily various in their tone. The jocular “Cheerful Reading for Persons of a Nervous Disposition” followed “How Retribution Follows Swift Upon the Heels of Guilt”? Smacks of committee work to me.roundup 1AMurdered on suspicion of Grand Theft Waterfowl. What a way to go.
privyAAnother distinctly downmarket homicide: murdered by his landlord for refusing to shovel out the outhouse. I think there may be a typo in this story: there ought to be a “hadn’t” rather than a “had” between “that” and “loaded for years.” The fact that the killer “hid in a pile of rubbish in his house” suggests the place was, well, a bit of a dump.


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