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husband and seducer jan 4 1851AAhusband and seducer2AAChicago Tribune, January 4, 1851. It’s been a while since we’ve run an Unwritten Law drama. This one’s pretty intense, starting with that quality bad-guy dialog from murdered libertine Abraham Redden.husband and seducer3AApparently Mr. Green’s love for Mrs. Green is pretty much unconditional. But I wonder when cops stopped talking like that?
hubsed4ASo in Delaware, the Unwritten Law is pretty much written. I guess the Green’s marriage didn’t pan out after all though.

Update: This doesn’t actually count as an instance of the Unwritten Law, but a straightforward application of the pre-existing principle that a guy can kill his wife’s lover (and sometimes his wife too) if he catches them in flagrante delicto. It was a form of insanity cop.

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