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matches coins3Detroit News, May 2, 1931. The professor may have understood, but I don’t. I would be completely immune to this “matching pennies” scam, because the grifters wouldn’t be able to explain it to me in 1,000 years.


  1. What gets me is that the AP deemed this to be sufficiently newsworthy for an article. Was there a press release? Did Horace Morse want to prevent others from suffering the same fate?

    • I reckon an AP stringer got the story from a desk sergeant, with whom he shared a few prole yuks about it. There were way fewer university professors back in the day; consequently the caste commanded a lot more prestige. And the pie-in-the-face clash between lowbrow and highbrow was the defining joke of the 1920s and ’30s. Think of Groucho dry-humping a distressed Margaret Dumont throughout eternity and you’ve got it.

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