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eccentricaChicago Tribune, February 10, 1930. I’ve actually vacationed in Muskegon, Michigan,–they have lovely beaches there–but I didn’t get a sufficient feel for local standards to comment on whether chopping up the women you love and stashing them in shallow graves qualifies as “eccentricity” or not. A wealth of gritty detail after the jump. eccentric2aIt always creeps me out to see the word “nude” used in a context like this, when they really mean “naked.” Nudity is an aesthetic state; nakedness is the condition of being unclothed. A painter’s model is nude; a corpse is naked. I think it is done in the spirit of euphemism, as if “naked” sounds too harsh or something. But the effect is much worse, if you think about the actual nuances of meaning.
eccentric3brescaledGuys who pose as lawmen but aren’t are invariably serial killers. Have no truck with them. eccentric3-1rescaleChief Hanson totally dropped the ball on this one.


  1. A constellation of bizarre details to create an “eccentric slayer” yet “used shallow grave” gets the headline. Huh?

    • Yeah good point: the headline writer wasn’t exactly earning his paycheck that day. I might have gone with something like “Ax-Wielding Cowboy in Ski-Party Death Date.”

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