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Detroit News, March 30, 1931. Operations were consequently down-scaled to the release of 1,000 white doves.


  1. How did I miss this? As the descendant of Friends involved in the great Hicksite schism which pitted Arch Street Meeting against Race Street Meeting for 120 years of silent eyebrow raising (the deadliest weapon in the Quaker arsenal), I can tell you that this was news, mister. Not to mention the timeliness of it–for a denomination which generally takes five years to agree to paint a meeting house, and another five to agree on the shade of gray to be employed, this was so decisive as to be downright ungodly.

  2. I’m post-Mennonite myself, so I know a bit whereof you speak.

    Somewhere around here I’ve got an item for you about Quakers and mince pie, Melynda.

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