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ghoulsa Detroit News, May 5, 1931. Pardon the fuzzy reproductions, but allow me to transcribe:

“The grave of Frank Chamberlin in the Evergreen Cemetery at Port Creek, disturbed three times since he was buried eight years ago, was opened Tuesday at the direction of the Monroe County coroner, to set to rest rumors that the grave held valuable Oriental rugs and jewelry. Benjamin R. Moore, right, sexton of the Port Creel Evangelical Church, is shown spading the grave, assisted by John Van Houten. Inset is of Mrs. William DeBaun. Chamberlin was her first husband.”

So: Word somehow got out among Michigan’s shovel-toting, cemetery-defiling set that Chamberlin’s grave was a storehouse of pharoanic treasure. Hence the distressed expression on Mrs. DeBaun’s phyz.

I’m wondering: Is grave robbery about to witness a big comeback? If so, the time may be right to invest in umbrella- and spade-related infomercials.

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