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Chicago Tribune, February 7, 1904. Another pH-unbalanced acid-assault drama. This one’s a two-parter that takes a weird tangent. Even by the standards of the genre, I mean.
A man with a black fedora pulled over his eyes and a long black overcoat? Why would The Shadow throw acid in a nurse’s face?

This acid attack stuff seriously freaks me out. The act is such a pure and total expression of human hatred. It is the impulse to literally deface one’s victim, to mark them forever with one’s anger. Putting a bullet in someone’s head seems clinical and dispassionate next to that. Again, I’m very happy that this practice has fallen out of vogue.

There’s an amazing documentary called Crazy Love, about a man who blinds a woman with acid, serves a lengthy prison term, then persuades her to marry him upon his release. I wouldn’t call it a feel-good flick though.


  1. that’s funny

    • We’re unafraid here at the Hope Chest of jokes that only 16 people in the world would get.

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