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Chicago Tribune, November 23, 1922. Acid, typically a weapon of the streets, dissolves an upper-class marriage.
Berenice’s primary beef was with her mother-in-law, but poor Darby took it in the face.

darby-3-11-23-22-tribaGreat forensic showmanship on the part of  prosecutor McCartney. Weak alibi from Berenice.

darby-4aMcCartney and Pierrotte: both earning their paychecks.
Hmm. Good call, gentlemen.

Notice how the weapon is variously called a “vial” and a “phial” of acid. Phial strikes us as classier, better suited to the Beverly Hills milieu.

Veronal, aka barbital, was the first barbiturate, and hit the market in 1903. It was sold as a sleep aid but also had a solid rep as a suicide drug.

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