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Detroit News, March 4, 1931. Terrible resolution here, I know. Here’s a transcription:
“YORK, S.C. Armed with a stick of dynamite and followed by his faithful dog, James Smith, a farmer, went fishing.
He tossed the sizzling explosive into the stream and stepped back to watch the fish blown to the surface. But the dog, taught to retrieve thrown objects, swam out, seized the dynamite and headed back to shore.
When Smith fell from exhaustion after a futile effort to outrun the dog, he found the fuse had been drenched in the scramble.”

This could well be bullshit: similar stories are cited and debunked at the indispensable urban legend-busting website On the other hand, there’s a person and a place name associated with this story (which is not always the case with urban-legend reportage) , and it seems like something that coulda-shoulda happened at some point in the course of human events. Of course, there’s no other articulate witness here than the ecologically insensitive James Smith. I can see why he would want to unburden himself of the story if it were true. Would he tell it on himself if it weren’t?

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