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Detroit News, April 4, 1931. Hot socks, what a pippin!

Whenever a handsome young woman landed herself in a front-page jackpot (which was pretty frequently), the tabs somehow always had instantaneous access to a portrait-quality glamor shot of her. What I want to know is where the photo comes from. Does the paper buy it from a fair-weather friend or ex-boyfriend of the principal? Does a reporter talk his way into the subject’s mother’s home and steal a picture off the mantelpiece, frame and all? Or does the babe’s lawyer advise her to pose on the grounds that a pretty picture in the press can yield a dividend of sympathy?

Anyway, the ravishing Miss Evelyn Lewis here is up to her gracefully arched eyebrows in a truly fucked-up rural tragedy. It’s a corker, folks, I promise. Tune in tomorrow.


  1. i can hardly wait

  2. she sure is purdy

  3. k, you got me hooked. when’s the follow up?

  4. still waiting…

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